Here’s an update with various signs that have some meaning to me. I’ll start with the lead photo (above), which shows the house number of my place in the KFUPM residential area. Until just a couple of days ago, my house number consisted of a small sheet of paper that had two different numbers, one of which was the “old” number (4119) and one that was the “new” number (4419, above). Having items delivered to my place has been interesting, because the guards at the gate apparently did not have the new number in their database, so that delivery folks were either turned away, or went on elaborate treasure hunts to find a small piece of paper, taped to my front door (which is set back from the street), that had the numbers on it. Now, more than three months after moving in, I have large proud numbers marking my house. Queue Amazon Prime…

Just a couple days later, I finally got a name plate for my office. My original office, when I was one of the first occupants of the new building was in an office cluster downstairs in what I called the cave.  After a couple of weeks there, and as others started moving into the building from their old digs across campus, I requested and moved into an office on the same floor as my other Geosciences Department colleagues. That office had originally been assigned to another individual, one who didn’t actually need an office in this building, and so it was given to me. Great! A month or so later, when name plates were being installed, my office was adorned with his name plate. Assuming that my name plate would then show up on my old office, I turned in his name plate and waited for mine to put in place (I requested this). So, my office had a plate on it, but had no name. I posted my semester schedule on there, just in case someone was trying to find me. About two months after that (and about the same time my house number was installed), my name plate was installed downstairs, outside my original office. My neighbor told me it was down there, and I made the executive decision to remove it myself and install it where it belongs. For now. I’m still aiming for another office, but this one is good for the time being.


Name plate outside my office door, with a small glimpse into my office.

In a stunning turn of events, I now have my first set of business cards. Just about three months in the making, I believe the black ink used to print them was painstakingly milked from the ink glands of a single, rare baby octopus, while the card stock was pressed from hand-picked papyrus from the source of the Blue Nile.


Yes, the other side is in English. I’m happy that the name matches that on my office door.

To be fair, overall signage in the building is improving as they put finishing touches on. Our academic buildings are all designated by number – they’re not named for former university greats or big donors. The numbers designate the order in which they were built. That confuses me a bit, because our academic building occupies two floors above a parking structure.  However, the parking structure is Building 77 (where I park), and the office/classroom/lab structure over top of it is Building 76. The principle of superposition would suggest the numbers should be reversed, but I’ll try not to overthink it. The new building under construction next door will be the College research building and is Building 78. All good.


The big sign is up on the north side of the building.


The front doors are now labeled. And the door handles are, are…are dayglow green.


Epochs of the Cenozoic on this flight of stairs.


The lobby is adorned with ammonite glass bricks.


My office is thataway…

Finally, here is the sign for my grocery store, Tamimi Market, which has some business connection with Safeway. While the “S” icon is not quite right, it’s close enough to show the affinity.


I like this store. Reminds me a bit of home.


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