The New Abode

While they’re still working on my street and continuing to put in landscaping, you’re looking at my stylish new place (above).  I have the bottom floor – it’s 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths and comes furnished. Sort of. Nearly all the houses in the campus compound for faculty and staff look similar to this (i.e., beige boxes).  The size one is assigned to is determined by a formula based on number of family members to be housed there, position rank, and seniority. Folks do get moved up to larger places with promotions and addition of family members (and presumably down, also).  My guess is that this will be my place for the duration.  It’s about a 10-minute walk to the new College building where my office is.  That’s no problem in late-January weather (today topped out only in the mid-60°s F), but I could see the walk becoming problematic when the temperatures are in the 120-130°F range in several months.  The new College building does have a parking garage for faculty adjoining it.

Here’s a look at some of the spaces I have.


Living room/dining room/”office” great room. My backpack is on the desk on the left and that’s the dining table on the right.  Plenty of light throughout.


That would be my bedroom. Plenty of closet space. I’m going to need to gussy the decor up a little bit… It will look fabulous when I get done with it, believe me.


The full bath. I need to have maintenance install a shower curtain rod and toilet paper roll holder. Good water pressure out of the shower!


A galley-style kitchen. Lacks a dishwasher (I guess that would be me) and a microwave.

That squat thing by the front porch door is a washing machine, sans dryer. Good storage space and there’s a pantry/closet just outside the kitchen, sort of behind where the range is. I’m leaning toward doing drop-off laundry bundle service, so I might just punt the washing machine back to the housing folks and put more prep space (table with storage – yay, IKEA) where the washing machine is.


This is my private (i.e., walled in) back patio space. It’s begging for a grill and an outdoor table/chair set.

The sliding glass doors are to my bedroom on the right and the second, a bit smaller, bedroom on the left. That second bedroom will be my home office, except for when you come to visit me…

I’ll still be in the Meridien hotel for a couple more nights.  It’s going to be hard to give up the ridiculously good food, overly comfortable bed, wifi, and cable TV, but the time is drawing near. Just finalized payment with the shipping company – my stuff is in LA, but should be here in a couple of days. Not sure how long customs is going to take on this end. I can only get internet and cable service after I have my Iqama card; I’m hoping to get that before the weekend. In reality, I’ll be thrilled to have it early next week.

3 thoughts on “The New Abode

  1. Hmmm, “beige box” inside and out (with the curious exception of the bathroom) complete with hotel furniture. Given the climate, perhaps they thought you could dry your clothes on the patio John.

    At least it is new and clean! Just needs some personal touches including a few rocks here and there, and maybe a plant, to spruce things up 🙂 Glad to hear you have an IKEA nearby.


  2. I’ve definitely considered stringing some clothesline across the patio. There will be days when outdoor drying will be near instantaneous. Now to get to IKEA so they can take all my money!!! I’ll definitely post some “after” shots when it feels a little more homey.


  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences. The new abode looks sufficient and comfortable. Embrace this exciting time in your career and research. It will be fabulous, believe me 😉 .

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