Everyone moves from time to time. Moving pretty much bites, but it can also be cleansing and cathartic; however, this is no small move. I’m in a sorting mode right now, which includes deciding what to take with me in two suitcases, what to ship by air freight, what to pile into my storage unit, what to give to my kids and friends, what to donate, what to put on consignment at a local sports-equipment place, and what to purge.

In terms of what I’m taking with me and shipping, it’s basically going to be (1) my office and geology stuff, (2) some clothes and personal effects, and (3) my kitchen stuff.  Like the other faculty and administrators at KFUPM, I’ll be living in free and furnished housing on campus (a “compound”), and as of now, I’m slated to be in a newly renovated 2-bedroom house. Anything I need for the place that isn’t there can be easily purchased at the nearby Mall of Dhahran, and IKEA – both are within a mile or two of campus.

If your impression of KSA weather is scaldingly hot, this time of year is rather pleasant. Yes, I’m taking my golf clubs. At this point, I’m not taking my bike – traffic and drivers there are nuts, so I want to get the lay of the land before I figure out where it’s safe to bike.




7 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Excellent idea, John! Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventure. Wishing you the best as you embark on this new and exciting challenge! Cheers! Marsha


  2. When we moved to Australia, I donated my dishes and bought a new set to ship. Left anything with a plug at home and bought new there. Air ship – pillows, favorite pan(s), bowl or two, family photos (copies), a piece or two of art, favorite small carpet, computer, camera stuff, dive gear, Bluetooth tunes player thing, key tiles (taxes). What an adventure.


  3. The few time I have relocated my family were necessary moves and important for career growth, but I found that myself overcome with homesickness and nostalgia. Just remember that it takes time to adjust The more you learn about your new region, the more settled you feel. I know that you will be just fine. Don’t forget your pie plate.


  4. bookmarked.

    Just confused on what your plan is for WSMFP? I guess early morning streams might be an option. Fingers crossed for a 2017-18 Kingdom run!


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